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Immer donnerstags findet sich eine vielfältig gemischte Tischgemeinschaft zusammen. Gute Voraussetzung für gute Gespräche.
Every Thursday, a diverse table community comes together. Good conditions for good conversations.

What counts as traditional food? To what extent is the notion of tradition tied to ethno-nationalist acceptance of belonging? To discuss these topics and eat heartily.
Taste and Talk brings you dishes enjoyed by many families throughout the North of India:
1) Moong Daal Chilla (Lentil Pancake), a nutritious breakfast and snack food. The pancake is typically stuffed with mashed potatoes, but for a twist, it will be stuffed with marinated soy chunks and served with chutney (a savoury sauce made from blitzed coriander and tomatoes);
2) Rajma Chawal (Rice with red kidney beans), an undisputed favourite North Indian lunch/dinner-time dish, served with chopped onions on top and mango pickle on the side.
Arne & Lucas

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